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​​​Vee and Mark were honoured to be part of  'The Ken Dodd Happiness Show' and had joined him for a number of years as the featured 'support act' 

Sir Ken Dodd was the irrepressible master of quick-fire one liners that left audiences in stitches. Here are some of his best:

1. "My dad knew I was going to be a comedian. When I was a baby, he said, 'Is this a joke?'"

2. "I love my girlfriend, my girlfriend loves me. She loves my hair, she loves my eyes, she loves my teeth. She loves my teeth because I'm the only person that can peel an orange through a tennis racket."

3. "I haven't spoken to my mother-in-law for 18 months. I don't like to interrupt her.”

4. "My act is very educational. I heard a man leaving the other night, saying: 'Well, that taught me a lesson.'"

5. "The man who invented cats' eyes got the idea when he saw the eyes of a cat in his headlights. If the cat had been going the other way, he would have invented the pencil sharpener."

6. On his famous tax fraud trial: "I told the Inland Revenue I didn't owe them a penny because I lived near the seaside."

7. On his marathon live shows: "You think you can get away, but you can't. I'll follow you home and I'll shout jokes through your letterbox.”

8. "Do I believe in safe sex? Of course I do. I have a handrail around the bed."

9. "I'm a sex symbol - I am a sex symbol for women who don't care."

10. "I do all the exercises every morning in front of the television - up, down, up, down, up, down. Then the other eyelid."


Sir Ken Dodd - Legend, mentor and friend. Thankyou for enriching our lives with fun and laughter. RIP 

Vee and Mark xxx
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1927 -2018

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